Moon Circles

By Veronica Beltran


The first time I experienced a moon circle gathering was at a Native American Sioux Tribe inspired Tepee brought to Williamsburg’s Havemeyer Park in Brooklyn by The Tipi Project. I loved the experience so much that a few months later I became certified to lead Moon Circles via The Wild Woman Project and last year I joined the Numinous Moon Club.

Have you ever wondered if the moon phases influence or affect you in any way? Of course they do, our bodies hold 70% water and like the tides we are affected by its energy pull. Knowing how to harness the energy that comes with each phase of the moon to accomplish what you want to do is a practical fun fact to know.

Long before we started posting about moon cycles on Instagram, our ancestors used the moon calendar as a reference to plant crops, keep time, share stories, exchange ideas, knowledge, and to support each other. In ancient tribes, women were leaders, creators and healers of their communities and as such, they would lead these gatherings. And yes, their menstrual cycles would synchronize with each other and the moon! As time went on, these gatherings became taboo and clandestine activities often considered evil magic for witches.

Fortunately for us, patriarchal viewpoints have made some evolutionary and revolutionary strides. Women in pursuit of truth and magic are reclaiming their innate wisdom to heal themselves and the world around them, practicing these and other ancient rituals by adding modern sensibilities. As women, we always welcome new ways to connect with old friends or to make new friends. We cherish our alone time but also crave to share, celebrate, cry, laugh, be heard, be seen, be loved, be healed, inspired and held accountable for by our squads.

Nowadays, most moon gatherings/circles take place around the New Moon or Full Moon and each gathering carries the vibe of its leader. Most circles have similar activities to tap into your true intuition whether you are inviting new ideas to manifest or letting go of old ones to get things done!

What are Moon Circles?

Usually only female attended gatherings but open to all and involving ancient rituals with modern sensibilities to connect with nature, ourselves and each other

When do they take place?

During the New Moon, with the Moon positioned between the Sun and Earth with the Sun behind the Moon creating no reflecting light ( less visible to us on from earth). During the Full Moon with the Earth between the Sun and the Moon and brightest for us to see from Earth.

Why? Why not!

To set intentions. To let go of anything that holds you back from being your best self.

What goes down during these gatherings?

Depends on who leads the gathering or “holds the space.” Can include everything from meditation, breathwork, yoga, dance, poetry, art, drumming, candle lighting, astrology, birth chart, tarot card readings, visualization, journaling, sharing, socializing and creating vision boards.


Around Digital Media Studios //
89 Walker St, New York, NY 10013
The Wild Woman Circle Leader, Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell, leads a monthly New Moon gathering to set intentions, check in with one another, and breathe. You will experience a group guided visualization, journaling, sharing, and connection to yourself and others.

Space by Mama Medicine //
73 Spring Street Suite 501, New York, NY 10012
With Seeress Deborah Hanekamp (Mama Medicine) as your guide, expect to dial into the rhythm of the New Moon and Full Moon at this cozy sanctuary. Enjoy energy movement to clear physical and mental blockages to tap into new depths of creativity, purpose and power enhanced by Biomats (a bed of amethyst crystals that radiates infrared).

Naam Yoga //
141 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023
This intimate yoga, meditation and healing center on the Upper West Side holds New Moon and Full Moon circles that are guided monthly by two alternating teachers, Rob Resnick and Dallas Lyn and are typically held at night.

Bluestockings //
172 Allen St, New York, NY 10002
At this collectively owned radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the popular Lower East Side, expect to experience a large amount of feminist empowering flavor at the Full Moon events led by Las Brujas Club.

Atmananda Yoga Lounge //
226 E 54th Street, New York, NY 10022
Sophia Bonilla leads a monthly gathering at this midtown haven for busy New Yorkers to refresh mind, body and spirit through ritual involving movement, calling of the direction and elements and claiming of sovereign queen & powerful Goddess sisterhood.

One Spirit Learning Alliance //
247 W. 36th Street, New York, NY 10018
In this Garment District space created to support new Interspiritual perspective, Carolyne Gallo creates a safe environment to share as she guides you monthly on the New Moon to discover personal desires and intentions for the month ahead with energy healing and a new beginning meditation.

Sky Ting Yoga //
55 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
and 381 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Feel light as soon as you walk into Sky Ting’s Chinatown studios with their breath of fresh air white walls and green plants. Enjoy Desirée Pais periodical New Moon and Full Moon Circle workshops that have her signature Kundalini Yoga + Meditation magic to help you welcome new beginnings or get rid of that which no longer serves you.


Awakening NY //
605 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222
An eco-friendly urban wellness sanctuary in between Greenpoint/Williamsburg provides mind, body, spirit healing services and workshops including New Moon and Full Moon gatherings led by varying practitioners. Expect a friendly welcoming sight of vibrant crystals, the scent of aromatic oils and ringing chimes.

MINKA Brooklyn //
1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Feel at home in this warm and welcoming space offering various moon gatherings. Get in touch with the the energy that surrounds you by incorporating breathwork, astrology, movement practice following the cycle of the moon. There’s Full Moon Ritual Circle with Carmen Mayes, Full Moon breath work with Jordan Pagan, and New Moon Brooklyn Breathwork with Anna Brooke.

Maha Rose //
97 Green St G3, Brooklyn, NY 11222
In this cozy welcoming space for holistic healing, inspiration, creativity, and transformation get your witchy self nourished during the New Moon & Full Moon gatherings through grounding rituals that involve a bit of magic spells, and calling of the elements to channel powerful intentions.

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