Team Favorites: March


1. Shaquanda Hawt Sawce :

Created in Brooklyn, we love this Hawt Sawce for its locally sourced ingredients (scotch bonnet chilies, onions,ginger, and horseradish root) and the creative soul behind the recipe - Shaquanda Coco Mulatta!

2. Cards :
Holstee, known for its iconic "This is your life" poster, is continuing  its beautiful, mindful product offerings. The stand simply props up the mini-poster with ease that you can swap up depending on what you need. It's not just decorative; it's arguably functional for the mind/body/soul connection. 

3. Monk Oil :
A protective body oil for city dwellers. Made in Brooklyn with organic ingredients, it not only nourishes the skin but contains essential oils to ground, soothe, focus and energize. Yarrow Flower Essence protects against toxic environmental factors and a clear quartz crystal is placed in every bottle to calm the nervous system.

4. Rose Water :
A refreshing, hydrating, 100% Pure Certified Organic Rose Water. Suitable for all skin types and anyone looking for luxurious simplicity  in their skin care routine. Gentle and non-irritating.

5. Local Honey :
From the Katonah Bedford Apothecary + Tea Room in  Westchester County, NY – we love the local honey from Katonah founder and teacher, Nevine Michaan. Add the healing and sweet vibes to your coffee, teas, smoothies,cereal – or just eat it on its own from a tiny spoon as a treat.  

6. Gem Water :
Gem-Water’s collection of products offers a unique and beautiful way to stay hydrated. Engineered to enhance everyday tap or filtered water using the energy  of gemstones encased in elegant glass vessels. Each product boosts the pH and oxygen levels of everyday drinking water.

7. Gratitude Journal :
Created by a native New Yorker whose artistic creativity married his altruistic need to spread happiness through gratitude, this journal instills a daily reminder that there is always something to feel grateful for, no matter how small.

8. Witchy Woman Essential Oil Blend :
Dark, mysterious and spiritual, this blend connects you to the divine feminine. With Palo Santo, Frankincense, and more, it nourishes Yin and supports and  elevates the water element and the winter season.