Note to my Younger Self: Sara Clark


Dear Sara,

As a child, your wise father would smile and say to you, “Life is hard.” Well, he wasn’t joking.

Life is indeed hard, full of twists and turns, highs and lows. But you, sweet child are more prepared for this journey than you realize. Being homeschooled for nine years will positively inform who you are and how you uniquely show up in this world. Thank your parents. This nurturing home environment, however, will be a stark contrast to when you enter public school at age nine.

You will deal with racism for the first time. Do not absorb this low vibration; it will cause too much disease. Don’t be burdened by your blackness; embrace it. Even as one of the only brown kids, please dance hard at your high school parties and don’t worry about being stereotyped. Movement is your birthright and not allowing yourself this freedom will stifle you in all areas of your life! Flow my child, flow!

Speaking of flow, that ponytail your white friends have, the kind that naturally swings on its own; stop coveting it. Your hair is magnificent! Express yourself through it. Focus on celebrating your skin, your body, your facial features, your ethnicity, your creativity, your spirit. You respond well to positive self talk. Shower yourself with loving affirmations. It won’t inflate your ego. It will instead nourish your soul.

Silence is your best friend. Start meditating in your teens when your sister introduces you to yoga — the combination will be potent. Don’t be ashamed of your eating disorder you’ll have to overcome in your 20s. It is there to help you accept yourself and recognize your power to heal and transform.

It is true, boys will try to get in your pants. Protect your magic. Nurture that loving voice you often hear within; it’s your intuition and it will guide you on the most magnificent journeys.  And dearest Sara, you will one day have the opportunity to transform all of your pain into medicine to help others on their path. Use your past as fuel to ignite your future.


Life might be hard, but it is also incredibly abundant. Keep going.  


Your Older Self


iana velez