Finding your Satya


By Sabrina Moscola

Photo by Chas Kimbrell

Photo by Chas Kimbrell

Truth: noun

trüth \ Sincerity in action, character, and utterance

Satya Scainetti not only bears the name, “Truth,” but is a yoga teacher, Reiki healer, and former social worker. She founded Satya Jewelry, The Satya Foundation, and has a new project, Satya Journeys, in the works. Satya is a native New Yorker designing jewelry of all truths in her NYC design studio and donating a portion of the proceeds to children all around the world.

Q. When we decided to use truth as the theme for this issue, I thought, who better to talk to than you! Tell us a little bit about your journey and how your journey led you to truth.

It’s a powerful word. I was given the name after 35 days of teacher training I did in the Bahamas. I thought, what a beautiful word, what a beautiful name to get. I think when you acquire a spiritual name, you actually own it. It becomes who you are. I thought, whoa, this is going to be intense, you know, to actually live your truth, to be truthful – not only to all those around you but within yourself. Not many people do that. I mean, we think we do but I think we put on a lot of masks. So, I had a dream that night that I was going to design jewelry of all truths and donate money to children around the world. A week later, Satya Jewelry was born, so talk about taking on something and then seeing what the universe brings down upon you. I legally changed my name, and since then it’s been such a journey. I can’t tell the slightest fib, even to my kids – they catch me. And I love living that way – truthful to myself and to all that’s around me.

Q. What does truth mean to you? Because I think different people can interpret it differently. There’s what’s true and false. But truth for me is really tapping into the essence of who you are, and I don’t think we often take the time to think about what that means.

It’s your true authenticity. When you’re in a job or you’re in a relationship, to sit down and go, Is this really truthfully serving my highest good? We constantly put excuses in the way. So, I’m always asking myself, Is this for my highest good? Is it for my truth? Can I live my highest good in this place? So, truth means your highest self.

Q. Do you think that every person has the ability to find satya, to find truth?

I think it’s all of our ultimate goals, whether we know it or not. I think some people are forced into it like I was – which is a blessing in the end. It’s also very challenging. It’s not been easy being Satya. But I think we should recognize that it is our ultimate goal – to become happy – not just like, “I’ve got to be truthful!” – no. Truth for truth, satya, will bring this wave of bliss and happiness and unconditional love into your life. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but some of us have to work a little harder for it.

"We need to step into our powers. We need to step into our truth. More than ever right now."

Q. You mentioned that this was sparked after doing the 35-day training. I think it’s easier to tap into that when you’re removed from “daily life.” For people who don’t have that opportunity but are trying to really connect with their inner selves and still juggle everything in life, what would you say to them on how to tap into that?

Yeah, and I’m one of those people. Before my kids came, before my business got as big as it is, I had a 2 ½ hour practice every morning and I loved that. It made me feel really happy. And I always thought, if I can only keep that going, I can do anything. I didn’t continue that length of daily practice, but every single day I take a moment. Whether it’s just left nostril breathing, or whether it’s just doing a little sah-tah-na-ma mantra, which regulates the entire nervous system, you have to do something. We have no more excuses. I think we’re at a time of such incredible change in the world and we can’t be complacent. We can’t say, “Oh, I have to wait.” So even me, when my kids are fighting in the other room, I have my candles lit and I’m sitting for a moment and I’m making that a priority, like brushing my teeth. It’s what we have to do. We have to do it to change the world. As long as our vibration starts growing and stays as light and bright as we can possibly be living our truth, our satya, the world can change. When we can be those changers, we can be the change. So, it’s crucial. And I love this topic. It’s awesome.

Q. It’s interesting how you found your truth, it sort of came out by way of jewelry. What do you think it is about jewelry that connects with people?

I’ve always believed, and this goes back way before my time and your time, many, many lifetimes, you know – jewelry is an extension of us. I always talk about the natural healing properties of stones and how we collectively as a race are going back to nature. We burn all these elements of plastics and electronics and all these outside diversions, really, that keep us from finding our truth. But stones, symbols, remind us of who we are. They represent our inner truths. They really do in such a big sense.

Over the years people come into one of my shops and they’re like, “I keep getting drawn to this particular stone and I don’t really like the color.” I’m like, “You know, take a minute and think about why you’re being drawn to that, and then read what it means.” And nine out of ten times, it’s the healing property of exactly what they’re going through. The little symbol resonates with what they’re trying to tap into within themselves, their truth. So, I think we need to trust ourselves a lot more. I’ve been adorning myself even more – of course, I have big access – but I can’t leave without a couple of malas. I’m arming myself. We need to protect ourselves right now from all the energy, you know, the EMFs out in the world. The good thing about stones, they absorb and they also feed, so they can absorb the negative, but they can also restore the impurities. So, it’s a double bonus. And it also looks really pretty.

Q. I’ve taken your mala workshops a few times and I noticed that you always talk about making each piece with intention. How do you feel that action with intention makes a difference, or has changed your life, and can change the lives of others?

I think everybody has a little wish or dream that they’d like to make happen in their lives. And we also have the tendency to have that internal dialogue that says, “You can’t do it, it’s not the time, you don’t have the right person in your life.” It’s all that stuff that we listen to instead of saying, “No. I’m going to find my truth. I’m going to challenge myself right now. And I’m going to make this happen because I can.” You know? It’s not “I want to,” but, “I’m doing it.” I think those simple play-on-words is what’s going to make it happen. Setting an intention, I always say don’t speak as if it’s ironic or it’s not going to happen. No – it is. This is now in my life. I now have all that I need to be all that I can be, to be and live my truth.

Q. Kind of putting it out into the universe? As if it’s already there.

We all have that ability, and I think we have to stop doubting that. We need to step into our power. We need to step into our truth. More than ever right now. We all have gifts and they’re just hiding inside us. It’s important we open up and let them out.


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