Moon Cycle Bakery Founder: Devon Loftus


By Iana Velez

Photos by Poppi Photography

Photos by Poppi Photography

“Moon Cycle Bakery is founded on the belief that we all deserve to be acknowledged, heard, seen, held and gifted throughout our cycles and that shifting our perspective from dread to celebration is one way to reclaim our power. A brownie never hurts, either. One moment while we fit your crown…”


Moon Cycle Bakery is a baked goods delivery service that offers subscriptions based on your taste preferences, diet requests and personal cycle. We love the message of empowerment behind the founding of the company, and embracing and celebrating self care that is so necessary especially when we have our periods. What are other self care practices you incorporate in your life? Are there any self care practices you do that are specific to your cycle?

Absolutely. We find self care to be an ever evolving animal that can look different everyday to every body. Depending on what our mind, body and spirit needs in that given moment or day, self care to us may look like: having self-compassion, taking our dog for a walk, smiling at a stranger, eating that donut, drinking that smoothie, yoga, dancing, crying in the shower, laughing on the phone with our friend, calling our Mom and Dad, keeping a gratitude journal, having a spa day, drinking ginger tea, or simply showing up and knowing we’re enough right here, right now. When it comes to my period, my go to is always a bath and our Chocolate Cup Sweetened with Honey and Ginger. It helps soothe any aches and pains I may be experiencing and also feels like a really grounded way to honor what my body is currently in the act of doing. I also allow extra time and space (when possible) to sit with whatever emotion(s) decide to come visit.

Which treat that you offer is your favorite? And why?

My favorite is our Chocolate Cup Sweetened with Honey and Ginger and is tied with our Chocolate Cup with Gluten-Free Pretzels. I love it because it's decadent and I find myself savoring each bite — a true feat when sometimes caught up in the business and noise of the world! I also love it because I tend to be low in magnesium and therefore crave chocolate before my period (and really most my cycle!). I can also experience symptoms like slowed down digestion, anxiety, bloating and cramps. Since cacao is full of magnesium, the chocolate cup helps to support my hormones and leaves me feeling relaxed, my cramps are less intense if I have any at all, and my digestion is happy.

Do you plan on expanding and offering any  menu items for women that are going through menopause as well?

We do! My teammate and I were just talking about this the other day and are going to begin exploring Maca for a menopause focused treat. Science shows that it's not only chock-full of nutrients like Vitamin B, but it can also help support hormones during menopause primarily.

Do you have any male customers?

Yes, and they always put a smile on our face! Most of our male customers are buying for their wife or girlfriend as a gift or surprise. They're always so excited to gift their partner a MCB treat or package and it makes our hearts full. We love and support the communication between partners and their menstrual cycle as it's such a big part of who we are. Educating men and/or our partner in our life about how we feel through each phase and how we could best be supported is extremely important for loving, taking responsibility for and empowering ourselves and our bodies.

What does the word GODDESS mean to you?

To us, a goddess is someone standing fiercely in their truth and power with love and grace. A person whose essence you can feel immediately when in their presence and who reminds you of your truest, happiest and highest self because they so radically and bravely know,  love and stay open to learn more about who they are.


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