Aura Seeres


By Veronica Beltran


We are very good at doing things that move our body and stimulate our minds, but we often may not put much effort to the soulful, spiritual, and emotional self.  Living in New York where the creative feminine and male output energy wheels flow non–stop can distract from our inner well-being. Luckily, we can leverage modern rituals with ancient origins to realign and reset our divine goddess self.  


Space by Mama Medicine is one of my favorite places in New York City, offering rituals to keep one’s inner energy in check. As the creatrix of this downtown haven, Deborah Hanekamp, a seeres (one who sees auras) and energy healer, guides you through her signature modality medicine readings to either call in, or clear out energy. This is can be done either via her one-on-one sessions, group ceremonies, or retreat offerings. Her authentic passion to help you listen to the healer within comes from the intersection of modalities she studied for years, including yoga, reiki and shamanism, along with her added ability to see auras from a very young age.

So what exactly is an aura? One google search defines an aura as “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.” The word itself derives from Latin meaning “a breeze, a breath of air, and the air,” its synonyms include: feeling, mood, and spirit. She perceives auras in color fields corresponding to those in the chakra system, always fluctuating and in motion.

Although her ability to see the auras is always on and informing her a lot about people, she chooses when to pay attention to it or not. “I see auras, colors and shapes around people and decided to use that extra sense to help people,” Hanekamp shared. She describes reading the aura of the room in her medicine readings as a heightened sense of awareness and perception to energy. She explained to me: ”Everyone can feel the aura; it’s like when you walk into a place, like a party and you sense good vibes or bad vibes.”

When you come to her for a medicine reading, she states, “ I like the aura part to be specific.  I read your aura and tell you in depth what could possibly be blocking you, what are your hidden gifts and talents. She describes further: “I do not get much into the future because it has not happened yet and as much as I believe in destiny, I also believe in free will. So what I see in your aura today in the future —  that could change when you leave and I might have to get into past lives if that is coming up for your current circumstances or what you are coming in to see.”

Her healing guidance empowers you to find your way back to your true nature by focusing on the present, trusting yourself to bring about balance, compassion and love into your life.

Her healing guidance empowers you to find your way back to your true nature by focusing on the present, trusting yourself to bring about balance, compassion and love into your life. She uses scents, crystals, sound bowls, singing chants and warns with a smile that this experience “can be very powerful leaving you feeling a little high, for lack of better word.” You can also expect to leave feeling strangely light, with take home “spiritual homework” and tools that include a ritual bath prescription. Her advice is that you come to a medicine reading once a month, as the goal is not to rely on her but to trust your own insights to become your own spiritual healer.

As for the popular surge of “spiritual healer shamans” in the wellness world ? She feels people have to be careful about bringing their insecurities into practices that offer to help others, especially if they woke up one day and quit their corporate jobs to become a shaman. “How do you not go into that and feel that you have so much to prove? And isn’t there a sense of righteousness you would be bringing into the practice?” says Deborah.

It is reminiscent of the spiritual movement in the 60’s and 70’s, which she feels failed because many people gave away their power to those claiming to be gurus, healers, and shamans. They spoke beautifully – but didn’t have the best intentions or integrity with the way they led their business. When the gurus got tired and people finally caught up, it dismantled the illusion, as people realized these pillars were just people too. People became disappointed and they turned away,  some started giving away their power to other things like drugs and alcohol. She thinks this is why this spiritual movement, while well intended, crashed.

With a smile and playful chuckle, Deborah, shared her hope that the people today getting into the healing wellness world solely because they think it’s good business or want some kind of power, will probably tire themselves out. She feels we all tire when we do things that are not in alignment with who we really are. Deborah adds: “This is what inspires me even more to help people become their own healers.”

On the subject of goddesses, our last fun question for Deborah: what goddesses, past or present come to mind? First she mentioned Venus, goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. As for present a day goddess?  the aura of the room lit up as she shared: “Alicia Keys comes into mind as a ‘Big one. Like wow.’”

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