Letter to my Younger self: Amanda Giacomini


Dear sweet girl,

Amanda Giacomini_child.jpeg

I am sending you so much love across the ethers and the mists of time. May you feel the embrace of grace as your journey is guided and your destiny awaits.

I know you spend most of your time playing in the woods alone, speaking your soft secret language to the flowers and trees, to the tiny lady bugs and butterflies. Keep this relationship with the natural world close to your heart and protect it. This is your magical garden. The songs you sing to yourself, the visions of flying horses and unicorns, you have the power to create your world. Let your imagination roam wild and free! Whenever you feel lost return to the forest for guidance and then paint, draw, and sing your way into a new reality.

I know that people give you a hard time because you are often silent and when you speak it is barely above a whisper. I want you to know it is okay that your voice is soft and small. Let your quietness be like armor that protects you from the overly loud world. One day you will learn to use your voice, and your gentleness will become your power. All in good time.

Great adventure is in your future. You will travel and see the world and you will come to learn from many great teachers. The road ahead will not be easy, for a stretch there will be many trials and tests. You will feel lonely, confused, and sometimes so tired you will not want to get out of bed. You may feel like it is useless to go on, but you MUST NOT GIVE UP.

Trust me! You have the strength inside to meet each of these challenges. And you will not have to face them alone, be on the lookout for many wonderful friends, both animal and human, who will come into your life along the way.

As a lover of beauty you will fall in love time and time again. Chasing your dreams of romance, you will have your heart broken many times. I wish I could protect you from this, but I can’t. If I had words of warning, I’m pretty sure you would disregard them anyway. For when it comes to seeking love you are fearless. And perhaps this is a good thing. I can tell you that one day you will meet your soul’s companion. As long as you trust yourself, and take the leap, it will be a marriage of body, mind, heart and spirit. You will inspire and support each other, and together you will find that you can be of greater service to the world.

You will be what might be called a late bloomer. You will find your true talents later in life. So go slow, enjoy the unfolding journey, have faith that every effort will eventually bear fruit. Just remember great masterpieces take time!

photo_crdit_Scout DeNatale .JPG

Your integrity is the only thing you can attain of real value. It takes years to establish and a moment to destroy it. So make your decisions wisely and whenever possible choose love over fear, patience over anger, kindness over hate, generosity over stinginess, and forgiveness over vengeance. As the Buddha says, when you choose a life of virtue, happiness will follow you like a shadow that never leaves you.

Sending you love and 10,000 Blessings from your Future Self.


Hannah Mac