4 Breakthroughs for the Creative Block

by DJ Taz Rashid


Writer’s block can happen to any artist, writer, or person whose vision is to surrender into a creative endeavor. Suddenly the writer is unable to write, the artist is overwhelmed by the canvas. Completely stunted, there is no ability to generate movement through the creative process. Most creative types recognize the personal hell of being blocked the minute it is mentioned. After enduring years of this roller coaster, I’ve accumulated a few tools that can reinitiate that creative spark.


Daily distractions all try to steal my attention from my “should” list. For example, when I know I have to finish arranging a song or completing a project, I turn off ALL distracting websites (you know the ones), put my phone in airplane mode and if internet is not needed for the project, turn off the Wi-Fi completely. In my case, most or all my music production/studio work is on the computer and my distractions are a few keystrokes away. I let myself have a “treat” when I finish my task - that’s when I let myself to check email or check in with whatever social media outlet I need to connect with.


Oxygen counts. A big part of my creative process is invigorated by doing breath-work, running and being dedicated to an exercise practice. When I know I’ll be facing a new deadline for developing music or writing projects, I either work out, do a power vinyasa yoga session and add in some breath work like kundalini, breath of fire, simple pranayama or mindful breath meditation to help turn up the creative juices even more.  Exercise and yoga literally shakes things up and brings the reservoir of my creativity bank to the surface.


I consider myself a flexitarian when it comes to my diet but during the creative process I put myself on a vegan or raw diet, because heavier foods block the flow of energy and prana in my system and make me sluggish. The vegan/raw diet allows me to feel super light and natural energy flows easier. The joy I feel on natural, clean foods permeates my creative work and I have come to believe that it infuses my work with a natural spiritual energy as an added dimension.


I can do all of the above, but let’s face it - we can’t force creativity.  So I practice meditation, prayer and asking the universe/God/higher power for help is a good place to start. I offer my intention, and ask to be open for the ideas to flow in. This approach also allows the conscious mind/monkey mind to rest and relax, often allowing my best ideas to come to me.

These ingredients are always in the mix when I am arranging tracks as a DJ or creating original music. I also surround myself with quality music by other musicians, which is always an inspiration, and interface with anything or anyone that will motivate my inner strength and bank of magic. The joy and aliveness factor that gets strengthened by this streamlined approach provides me with the fuel that runs everything. So regardless of who you are or what kind of creative project you are working on, you can enjoy these touchstones to break through your inevitable blocks. Experiment with them and may you surround yourself with whatever and whomever inspires the best in you


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