Awake in Family and Flow: Candid with Hilaria Baldwin

By Ko Im


Hilaria Baldwin is trying to be present — you can sense some scurrying in the background. The author of The Living Clearly Method, mom of three young children and wife of Alec Baldwin is known to multitask as seen on Instagram while carrying one toddler and performing squats for her social media followers. But she seems like someone who does it in a way that doesn’t appear she’s all over the place. Hilaria seems centered, and clearly enjoying the moment.

At the time of our phone conversation, babies (of course) and cute dogs are surrounding her on a playdate. Her daughter seems to be asking her a question, but Hilaria come back to my questions each time with sincerity. Being awake, she says, is a daily practice to do exactly that. — return to the present moment.

“So much becomes routine, you put one foot in front of another, like a conveyor belt on whatever path we start off,” Hilaria says. “A lot of times we’re not focusing on changes in our lives and what we want now.”
In addition to running and taking barre classes, yoga helps — teaching as well as doing. She prefers a vigorous flow “that wakes up your muscles when you’re pretty aware of your physical form. The more you make your muscles burn, you create a strong sensation the mind has to focus on your body.”

When she’s off the mat, she simply enjoys family time to the fullest — by putting the phone down and really listening to her babies.

She explains: “Trying to be as clear as possible about family time is pretty important for us especially in this day and age of cellphones, more time focusing on screen than in front of us.. They can develop life skills to lead an awake life.”

With her husband it’s more of the same and not about getting stuck in a rut as their lives continue to change — on separate but parallel paths, staying side by side and being clear about each other’s needs. This summer Hilaria spent time off from teaching at YogaVida to focus on being a mom in the Hamptons while her kids are off school. As fall starts to ramp up, she hopes to continue living clearly.

“Being awake this time when their lives go by so quickly,” she adds. “Life’s formulaic about tying shoes so I'm going to try to put my energy into my children and help them start off on the right foot.”