Upcoming Events


Summer Sessions at the Rubin Museum
Rubin Museum, New York City
June 10th - Aug 26th

Starting June 10th, join us in the Spiral Lobby before Museum open hours for practice-based classes, with a special tour through the galleries following each session. Drop in for just one class, or attend the entire series for a holistic experience of body, mind, and the fluidity of time.

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Readings on Recovery
HUB seventeen
June 20

Readings on Recovery is a curated series where individuals are given the platform to share what recovery means to them. Performers are encouraged to express themselves

however they feel comfortable whether it be through personal essay, stand-up comedy, poetry, live music, or dance.

Said performances cover topics from substance abuse to eating disorders to dysfunctional relationships and more.

The goal in this series is to show that we are all recovering from something. Addict or not.


Meditation Series
Modrn Sanctuary
July 11th - July 25th 

Want to stay cool for the summer? Deputy Editor and Lead Teacher Ko Im guides a special mid-week meditation

series for all in Modrn Sanctuary's Himalayan salt room 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 9:30-10am

Use special code SUMMER