Upcoming Events


July 13, 2019


NYC’s only FREE yoga and wellness festival celebrating diversity and accessibility of wellness. This year we are going for a World Record for Most people doing Warrior One! This special session will take place onsite during the festival from 11:00am-12:30pm.

Ecstatic dance with DJ tAZ

Sept 20, 2019


The Rubin Museum | 150 West 17th Street, New  York, NY 10011

A dancer lives in every human body. Awaken yours at this ecstatic dance workshop. Working with the five elements—earth, fire, wind, water, and ether—we will open up pathways in our bodies to feel the “one tribe” energy and become the music. This experience is meant to fuse our spirit with waves of energy on the dance floor, from earthy groundbreaking expression, to deep melodic gestures, to high vibrational moments of joy. The music selection by DJ Taz Rashid features house beats, world grooves, trap, devotional remixes, and a few surprises you can’t resist shaking to. Let’s move!

Art and Yoga Urban Retreat

Sept 21, 2019

The Rubin Museum | 150 West 17th Street, New  York, NY 10011

Join NY YOGA + LIFE magazine and the Rubin for a full day of workshops and classes pairing the art of the Himalayas with the magazine’s community of teachers, artists, and leaders in the yoga world. Events take place in the Museum’s galleries and theater and focus on asana sessions from prominent teachers including Elena Brower, Taz Rashid, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Sarah Platt-Finger, and Alan Finger, as well as in-depth, intimate workshops led by Jai Sugrim, Tashi Chodron, Amin Bir, Reni Bickel, Bhakti lata, and Dawnette Samuels.     


spiritual work, material world

Sept 28, 2019

The Rubin Museum | 150 West 17th Street, New  York, NY 10011

Join Iana Velez, publisher and editor in Chief of NY YOGA + LIFE magazine, and a panel of leaders in the NYC yoga and wellness industry as we explore the money-related questions and challenges many people working in yoga and wellness face today in an honest and open dialogue. Panelists will talk frankly about the power dynamics inherent in teacher payment structures and the complexities of combining spiritual work and making money.

The Rubin Museum invites you to take a seat at the table. Throughout our Year of Power, we are hosting The Long Table, an open-source participatory project conceived by artist and activist Lois Weaver, which provides a forum for visitors and community groups to engage in a series of conversations on sharing power.