Taking Care of Your Temple


By Lou Lou PiscatoreBeauty & Wellness Editor


These days there is great awareness in the wellness community around environmental toxicity. We eat organic foods, use clean skincare products, filter our water, wear natural fibers - all to reduce our exposure to carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. But have you considered the products you use in, on, or near your vagina?

When it comes to personal care products, there are suggestions, but few regulations. According to the FDA the “legal authority over cosmetics is different from our authority over other products we regulate, such as drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives.” (1)

Today most cotton is genetically engineered and soaked in pesticides as it is not a consumable product. (2) Inserting a cotton tampon into your vagina several times each month may be just as harmful as ingesting pesticides as the vaginal wall is highly permeable. The fragrance added is unregulated, as are the chemicals used to bleach the products. There are spermicides, parabens, benzocaine and glycerin in your condoms, and some of the ingredients in lube were originally designed for oven cleaner. (3)  Many of products on the market designed to “care” for your temple are doing the exact opposite and have been linked to candida, immune system problems, fertility problems, endocrine problems, breast cancer and more. When it comes to feminine products the rule should be -- if you wouldn’t put it in your body, don’t put it in your body.

Luckily, we have options. Kate Fraser from Sustain Natural points out ”We’re now at the tipping point where a majority of consumers are demanding to know what’s inside all the products they use, from food to skincare. Sexual, reproductive, and period products should be no different.” As a result there is a movement towards healthy, non-toxic, and creative products geared towards the health, happiness and beauty of your lady parts. Here are some of our favorites:




Fur Oil // furyou.com
Oil for the pubic zone that prevents ingrowns and softens hair. Made with natural oils, it can be used on any amount of “fur.” Whether you decide to remove it all, keep it all, or anything in between. While designed for pubic hair and skin, Fur Oil can be used anywhere there is hair such as on the underarms, beard, chest, legs, and head.


Hip Hemp // hiphemp.com
In the Pink Intimate Massage Oil
Organic and estrogen-free, it provides lubrication, aromatherapy, and analgesic properties. This blend combines hemp, grapeseed and avocado oils with essential oils. It soothes and moisturizes tired aching skin and enhances intimate play. The Pink Intimate Massage Oil can also be good for any vaginal pain due to estrogen loss.  

Organic Tampons


Sustain Naturals // sustainnatural.com
“When tampon materials are bleached with chlorine, toxic by-products like dioxins and furans can form and remain behind in the finished product. The vagina, one of the most absorbent parts of the body, is no place for these kinds of contaminants to spend any length of time.” Kate Fraser



Good Clean Love // goodcleanlove.com
Restore Personal Lubricant patented, Bio-Match™ Restore™
This moisturizing personal lubricant mimics the body’s natural PH and promotes and maintains a healthy vaginal flora. ”Many women don’t understand the importance of maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem and how it impacts our overall health” says Wendy Strgar, creator of the brand. “The key to good feminine hygiene is avoiding products that irritate sensitive tissue and disrupt the vagina’s delicate balance.”


Blow Paste // cheekychacha.com
Organic, vegan, gluten free, flavored edible lube, it is also good for your teeth.



Good Clean Love // goodcleanlove.com
Love Lotion in Indian Spice
A non-toxic oil blend with aphrodisiac properties can be used anywhere you like to be touched or kissed. This variety smells and tastes spicy like cinnamon, and creates a sweet, balanced heat.



GLYDE Condoms and Vegan Leather Condom Case // glydeamerica.com
Certified ethical, vegan & fair trade, these premium condoms are made from non-toxic, plant-based, sustainable ingredients.



The Perfect V Exfoliator, Serum, and Luminizer // theperfectv.com
An entire line of clean beauty products to “rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the V” can be used after any kind of hair removal to pamper the skin, or anytime your vagina needs some TLC. They’re all PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynecologist tested and paraben-free.