Summer Beauty


The rules of summer beauty are simple -- protect, hydrate, have fun, and keep it clean! Here are some of our summer obsessions!

Skin & Sun

Protect your skin. And your health! When it comes to sunscreens choose wisely -- many brands contain harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors. Look for all natural mineral based options. 


Hair Care

Care for your Hair.  Summer sun, salt, and chlorine takes its toll. Try a little extra TLC for your hair and scalp.


Cleanse & Moisturize

Clean pores, dewy skin, can’t lose.

  1. Dew Puff all natural puff (For gently cleansing and exfoliating)

  2. Roots & Blooms Ubud Herbal Steam (Calming for the skin and cleansing for the pores)

  3. Beauty Shamans Mermaid Face (Nourishing and Toning Mist. Made with seawater)

  4. Planted In Beauty Depuff and illuminate Eye Firming Complex (Reduces puffiness and dark circles, smooths, lifts and brightens)

  5. Osmorovic Queen of Hungary Mist (with neroli and rose, hydrates and balances skin).

  6. Akar Skin Desert Rescue Face Oil (Natural oils and antioxidants provide deep moisture without clogging pores)

  7. Pratima Rosacea Therapy Lotion Pitta pacifying Good (For redness and sensitivity)

  8. Ayuna Cream ll (Rich and Rejuvenating, helps skin retain its regenerative abilities)

  9. Biomilk Night Cream (Probiotics and bionutrients support the skin's reparative process)

  10. Golden Door Peel-A-Way Masque (Lifts away impurities, nourishes and hydrates)

  11. Young Alchemy Desert Sands Clay Face Mask (Absorbs dirt and oil, nourishes and detoxifies)

  12. Electric Ink Tattoo Care Daily Moisturizer (Protects and nourishes your tattoos)


Mermaid Makeup

No muss no fuss, day to night, beach to bonfire, multi-use, all natural, sheer and shimmery.



Summer is the perfect time to experiment with seaweed. It is a major hydrator, contains essential minerals and more.



  1. Beauty Shamans Sea Silk Wash (PH balancing cleanser with sea minerals and Probiotics)

  2. Osea Undaria Algae Oil (luxurious nutritive body oil)

  3. The Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Argan Shampoo and Conditioner (cleanses and nourishes hair and scalp)

  4. Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash (gently exfoliates and remineralizes skin)

  5. Make Marine Salve (healing salve for chapped lips, dry skin, face, hands, and body)

  6. Source Vital Facial Cocktail (toner, moisturizer and serum in one customized product)

  7. Repechage C-Serum (12 vitamins, 42 trace elements, like food for your skin)

  8. Source Vital Algae Deep Cleanse (purifying, remineralizing and invigorating)

  9. Phytomer Seaweed Soap (cleansing and exfoliating)

  10. Dirty Mermaid Sea Kissed Mask (detoxifying and nourishing)

Shelly Marshall RN is a  Holistic Beauty Nurse, Licensed Esthetician and Creator of Beauty Shamans Skincare line explains: “The mineral make up of seaweed and seawater is virtually identical to our own blood plasma, making daily application of marine based products not only beneficial for the skin but for overall health as well. Seaweed contains all the trace elements and minerals needed for proper cellular function. On top of that, seaweed has the amazing ability to regenerate itself, making it a powerful tool for preserving and rejuvenating collagen naturally.”