Sugar and Spice


by Lou Lou Piscatore

The clean beauty movement is picking up speed. More and more consumers are demanding to know what is in their products, and they are choosing natural alternatives. Beauty brands are replacing potentially toxic ingredients like parabens and sulfates with ingredients found in your garden or your kitchen. And women are taking the lead. Inspired by their cultures, their own obstacles to health, and their personal struggles, they are creating options that are not only healthier, but inclusive, empowering, and fun.

Here are some of our favorite clean products from our favorite women-owned and operated brands, highlighting some sweet natural ingredients: sugar and spice and everything nice.



April Gargiulo created Vintner’s Daughter out of necessity, with inspiration from her family’s wine making business. “From the dirt, to the vines, to the cork and everything in between, the idea of seeking quality was my way of life. I did not realize that same philosophy was not used to develop many beauty products…I couldn’t find a product that worked. I desperately needed it, so I had to create it, and it had to be the very best in the world.”

Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser
Farmhouse Fresh Tightening Mask
Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum
Aavrani Glow Activating Exfoliator
Sonage Tulsi Soothing Tri Clay Mask



Janet League-Katzin, creator of Sphatika, was inspired by the synergy of quality ingredients, rare scented oils and sacred earth elements. Her products are uplifting for the body, mind, spirit, and planet.

Sphatika Hydration Mist
Soapwalla Luxurious Body Oil
Beauty Shamans Custom Blend Warming Oil



“I used to struggle with dry, acne prone skin and was frustrated with the lack of safe and ethically produced skincare options that worked for me. I created my own line using the power of natural ingredients which I found were not only safer, but more effective.”
– Dominique Caron, Apottera

Apoterra Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud
Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey
Waxing Kara Organic Honey Lip Balm
A Place in the Sun Honey Body Scrub
Beneath Your Mask Illuminate Clarifying Face Mask



The delicious recipes from her family kitchen in Brooklyn inspired Lisa Price to create Carol’s Daughter. She began concocting body butters, hair pomades, fragrances and bar soap in her kitchen, and became one of the first African American owned beauty brands with a flagship store. “Courage is standing in the face of fear and doing it anyway.”

Edible Beauty No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion
Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner



Janna Sheehan of Ojai Wild was inspired by the landscape of Ojai California. She strives to create artisanal and distinct fragrances that honor the individuality of the wearer, and “open up the potential to renew and rediscover a relationship to your own body, mind and desires.”

Ojai Wild Pink Peppercorn Eau De Cologne
Paige Novick Strength Gem Story Oil



“I started the line as a way to connect to my Ayurvedic practices and bring goddess nourishment through skincare. Using Persian and Ayurvedic ingredients like saffron and cardamom opens up the senses and brings healing.” - Shiva Rose

Shankara Foot Oil
Calming Body Oil
Shiva Rose Body Oil



“Joon is a haircare line inspired by my Persian grandparents, but it’s more than just about being another brand. It’s really about celebrating your history, whether you come from Mexico or the Midwest. It’s about celebrating your story and pushing past boundaries, hardships, borders, or stereotypes.” - Shiva Tavakoli

Shiva Rose Scrub
Joon Saffron Hair Elixir



Sarah Biggers of Clove and Hallow doesn’t just stand for clean cosmetics out of principle. After experiencing a debilitating illness a few years ago, she underwent a personal journey towards clean living.

Clove and Hallow:
Lip Velvet in Sugar Bear & Cupcake
Lip Creme in Sugared Plum
Lip Glaze in Spicy

Context Skin: Liquid Lacquer in Sticky Sweet



“Our mission is to spread love and kindness through our body care products. We want our user to experience self-love, self-care and remember that we are spirit first and connected to each other.”
- Sandy Marion and Alexis Orlacchio, I AM Organic

Golden Door Yuzu Scrub:
I AM Organic Body Scrubs

Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil
Nyl Organic Shimmer Scrub



Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie founder, is a single mother and breast cancer survivor who has chosen a message of empowerment and well-being. Her motto is better, not bitter, “because of difficult events in my life that could have made me bitter, but instead, continue to make me better each day.”

Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Matte
Foundation, Flour Setting Powder, and Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara


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